Earthbound Mini Festival

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Stage Concept Design, Stage Build, Sound and Lighting Production





About the project...

Aotearoa New Zealand’s most innovative, earth-positive music & arts festival. Earth beat is 5 legendary days of world-class music, mind-expanding workshops and wonder-filled experiences for the whole family. Earthbear runs a series of small events during the year and Earthbound Mini Fest was one of them.

What we created...

Earthbeat decided to have a smaller festival to celebrate. Legit was asked to take an empty space and completely transform it. We were given full control and be as creative as we want following the theme Earthbeat.

We decided to build one of our very popular enchanted forrest with a twist of tribal. Not only did this project look great during the day but the magic happened at night when all the light turned on. Big wall of foliage with a over hang on the ceiling to give a sense of being inside an enchanted forest.

The centre piece of this project really finished it off, giving that tribal feel with the shaman over looking the crowd

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