Rituals at Everybody's - A night of techno

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Legit Events beckons you to...
Halloween at Everybody's


Whispers abound of unspeakable presences lurking in the shadows of Everybody's. For years, eerie tales have echoed of unsettling occurrences, ghastly apparitions, and otherworldly sounds long after the last patron departs. Now, we dare to tread where few would...

Plunge into an evening masterfully designed with the darkest of techno inclinations. Our chosen local souls of sound will guide the night, transitioning from the whispers of minimal techno to the raw, entrancing rhythms potent enough to summon the restless spirits.

Venture, if you dare, into an abyss of sonic terror. But be warned, as you lose yourself to the rhythm, you might just catch a glimpse of the entities that claim Everybody's in the witching hour... and they're ever watchful.

Embrace the unknown. Dance with the departed. Witness the RITUALS.

The line up for the RITUALS:

Felipe Martinez @fmberbelagua

Kadyn Webster @kadyn_webster_

Sam Lovli @terra__verner

Saturday, October 28th 10 pm - late

@everybodys 7 Fort Lane, Auckland CBD

Limited early bird tickets are available now